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Make Your Open Table Reservation for Vancouver's Newest Restaurants

  • July 22, 2019

Photo by from Pexels


Planning a trip to Vancouver this summer? This port city is blessed with a wide range of cultural cuisines, making it a playground for foodies and food enthusiasts. Hungry visitors can find authentic Chinese food, the freshest sushi, your nonna's pasta, and more global cuisines. Check out the list below for Vancouver's newest eateries! 

Cactus Club Station Square


Cactus Club is a Canadian institution drawing crowds of casual diners and formal celebrations. It's the go-to spot for times when you can't make a decision and just want a solid happy hour. But, beyond being a convenient mid-range dinner choice, the food served is also extremely delicious. 


Their newest location at Station Square is modern, brightly-lit and is adjacent to the popular Metrotown shopping centre. This location's menu offers an impressive variety of plant-based options, new dishes, and Club favourites like the Szechuan chicken lettuce wraps. 

Larry's Market


The recently opened Larry's Market is Canada's first full-service plant-based grocer, located at North Vancouver's historic Shipyards. What first began as an innovative fresh salad vending machine, Larry’s market has grown into a brick-and-mortar shop. The grocery store is entirely vegetarian, offering fresh produce, desserts, ready-to-eat meals. Shoppers can also find a Grab-and-Go retail market boasting unique items like kombucha slushies and a matcha bar.


All vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters need to head to this market for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 

Blossom Dim Sum & Grill


Before heading out for an evening out, book a table at the latest dim sum restaurant in Vancouver's West End district. Blossom is Vancouver's first establishment with three cuisines under one roof. With a variety of offerings, this Asian fusion hot spot is sure to satiate all your dim sum, sushi, and Western grill cravings. Diners can enjoy an extensive dim sum menu, a fresh raw/sushi bar, and a number of grill-to-order options. 


Inside, Blossom presents a cozy yet modern ambiance thanks to its plush seating, velour lounge space, and 40-person outdoor patio. Hurry and make a reservation today


Don't end your vacation without checking out the newest kids on the restaurant block. And be sure to book a stay at the centrally located Best Western Plus Uptown Hotel Vancouver, for the best food coma nap you've ever experienced. Find cozy and comfortable beds in clean, modern rooms for an affordable price. Book your room today!


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