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Medical Stays

We understand the stress that comes with medical travel. At the Best Western Plus Uptown Hotel, we offer medical travel packages and medical accommodation to help alleviate some of this stress anyway we can. Our location is uniquely situated within minutes from three major Vancouver Hospitals. This places us as one of the ideally located hotels near hospitals in the city.

Accommodations for Medical Stays

Medical travel leads people to seek extended stay hotels. With our ideal location close to the major Vancouver hospitals, Best Western Plus Uptown is happy to offer extended stay options for our guests. Ask about our medical travel packages to ensure that you are getting the best value for your stay.

Our Hotel is Near Medical Centres

Our hotel is located on the edge of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood and is minutes from the downtown core of Vancouver. This places us in close proximity and makes of one of the few hotels near hospitals in the area.

Hospitals Near Us

Vancouver General Hospital

Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) is the largest facility in the Vancouver group of medical facilities and is Canada’s second largest hospital.

BC Children’s Hospital

BC Children’s Hospital specializes in healthcare for patients from birth through to the age of 18. A part of the University of British Columbia’s research facility, state of the art and groundbreaking work is done at this medical centre.

St. Paul’s Hospital

Catholic health care providers operates St. Paul’s and provide service for all British Columbians. Our property lies only a few minutes drive from this prestigious centre.


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