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Vancouver, BC Hotel Rooms

Many travelers come to the Best Western Plus Uptown Hotel for business, for a family vacation, or as a couple, looking for a weekend getaway. No matter the occasion, our accommodations provide the perfect starting point for your trip. In Vancouver BC, accommodation and guest amenities are paramount. Complete with a city view, high ceilings and room service, our non-smoking rooms allow guests to relax after a busy day.

One Queen Bed Room

Ideal for those here for a business trip, our One Queen Room is the standard at our hotel. While this room is excellent value for your stay, comfort is not compromised. You’ll sleep as you would in your own home: comfortable, cozy, and snug.

One King Bed Room

This room is for those who like a little extra wiggle room while they sleep. Sprawl out across the bed, or curl up in the middle. The room remains spacious, even with the larger bed.

Two Double Bed Room

For travelling families with children, this room type is the ideal choice. Each room is equipped with cable TV and complimentary high-speed WiFi to help keep young ones quiet and out of trouble.

One King Suite

One of a kind at the hotel, our One King Suite is perfect for a quick weekend getaway, and complete with a city view during the day and a view of the city lights at night.


Health is non-negotiable, and it should stay that way. We provide special accommodations for guests in Vancouver for medical stays, close to all major Vancouver hospitals.

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